Mount Tsukuba Cablecar and Ropeway

Southern Ibaraki


The distinct twin peaks of Mount Tsukuba can be seen towering above the Kanto Plain. The peaks are known as Mount Nantai and Mount Nyotai, the male and female peaks, respectively. The summit of Mount Tsukuba is accessible by foot, cable car, or ropeway.
Mount Tsukuba Cable Car
The Mount Tsukuba Cable Car climbs 1,600 meters in elevation between Miyawaki Station and Mount Tsukuba Station at the mountain's peak. There are two colors of cable car: red and green, representing the fresh green and autumnal leaves visible from the cable car. Various events, including extended opening hours, are held during the foliage season.
Mount Tsukuba Ropeway
This Swiss-made ropeway connects Tsutsujigaoka Station and Nyotai Peak Station.


1 Tsukuba, Tsukuba City
By public transport: 30 minutes by shuttle bus from Tsukuba Station
By car: 40-minute drive from Tsuchiura-Kita IC on the Joban Expressway
Business Hours
Business Hours
Every 20 minutes from 9:20-16:20
Open year-round
TEL: 029-866-0611
Adult One-way: 590 yen
Adult Return: 1070 yen
Child One-way: 300 yen
Child Return: 540 yen
Adult One-way: 630 yen
Adult Return: 1120 yen
Child One-way: 320 yen
Child Return: 560 yen


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