Ring Ring Square Tsuchiura

Southern Ibaraki



Ring Ring Square Tsuchiura is a facility that offers cycling services and is directly connected to JR Tsuchiura Station. The facility has bicycle and rental shops and is fully furnished with coin lockers and shower rooms. Additionally, it offers information on Ring Ring Road and other cycling routes.
The available rental options cater to a wide range of needs, from road bikes to electric bicycles. Three rental services (Japanese only) have their own respective rental methods, so you can choose the option that best suits your preferences.

1. le cyc (1st floor shop and rental service)
Rentals are available for a wide variety of bicycles, gloves, and other cycling gear. Reservations are required. The equipment must be returned to the original rental location.
Rental time:
Weekdays: 10:30-19:30
Weekends & national holidays: 10:00-19:30

2. Ibaraki Wide-Area Rental Cycle (available via the 1st floor Le cyc counter)
Rentals for a wide variety of bicycles. Reservations required. Can be dropped off at 11 locations.
Rental time: Can be rented for multiple days.

3. Hello Cycling (first basement floor)
Rentals for electric city bikes. Unmanned rent is available through the app. Must be returned at the original rental location.


Ibaraki, Tsuchiura, Ariakecho 1-30
Public Transportation: Direct from Tsuchiura Station
Car: 20 minutes from the Sakura-Tsuchiura IC on the Joban Expressway
20 minutes from the Tsuchiura-Kita IC on the Joban Expressway
Business Hours
le cyc: 029-846-3192
Please park at the affiliate parking lot.


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