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    Recommended Tours

    Bike Riding Tour: Cycle to the Tallest Great Buddha Alongside a Large Lake

    Tsukuba-Kasumigaura Ring Ring Road is one of Japan’s picturesque cycling routes. To complete it, the shortest course is 90 km long. This 50-km cycling tour along the Ring Ring Road takes you to The Great Buddha of Ushiku, the tallest bronze statue in the world. The participants will be using rental bicycles. A guide will introduce to you the points of interest along the way.

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    Tsukuba Science Tour

    Tsukuba is a science city with research and educational institutions in various fields ranging from space to the global environment. It’s also a hub for cutting-edge technology. This original science tour offers the option to select your preferred facility among 40 research institutions. It also allows visitors to tour and experience the results of research firsthand.

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    Mito Walking Tour: Birthplace of Japan’s Longest-Running and Best-Hit Samurai Drama on TV

    Most people think of Mito Komon, the longest-running TV series airing for 42 years in Japan, when they hear the name “Mito,” the capital of Ibaraki. On this tour, a local guide will introduce you to historical places connected to the historical personality Tokugawa Mitsukuni, also known as Mito Komon, and the mindset he upheld.

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    Recommended Tours


    Lifestyle &
    Food Culture

    Rice cultivation has flourished in Ibaraki for centuries thanks to the mild climate and large rivers, namely the Kuji, Kinugawa, and Tone Rivers. Sake breweries can be found throughout the prefecture, allowing visitors to tour and partake in sake sampling. In addition to rice, our region thrives in other agricultural industries. Various fruit-picking activities can be enjoyed each season.

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    History &

    The land thrived long ago, particularly during the Edo Period (1603-1868), when it was ruled by the Tokugawa clan. Ibaraki boasts a rich tradition of samurai culture along with local handcrafts such as pottery, textiles, and lanterns.

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    Outdoor &

    Ibaraki is blessed with abundant nature, including Japan’s second-largest lake, Kasumigaura, and Mt. Tsukuba, which offers a phenomenal view. Visitors can also enjoy activities such as cycling, canoeing, and paragliding. You can also enjoy a unique 100-meter bungee jump!

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    Other Activities

    The prefecture has other appeals as well. Top-notch institutions and educational facilities are concentrated in Tsukuba City, Japan’s foremost science city. Visitors can tour various research facilities related to space, energy, botany, geology, and agriculture.

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    About Ibaraki

    Ibaraki is located on the outskirts of Tokyo and is accessible in an hour and 30 minutes by limited-express train from Tokyo to Mito Station. Each of Ibaraki’s regions holds its diverse charms. The heart of Ibaraki lives and breathes samurai culture and traditional arts. The south is home to the famous Mt. Tsukuba and Lake Kasumigaura, the second-largest lake in the country. The north is where you can enjoy Japan’s most beautiful sights. There’s also a variety of food to enjoy throughout the prefecture.

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