Other Activities

Other Activities.

Other Activities in Ibaraki

The prefecture has other appeals as well. Top-notch institutions and educational facilities are gathered at Tsukuba City, also known as science city. There are similarly research facilities related to space, energy, botany, geology, and agriculture, offering tours to visitors.


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Ibaraki Natural Hot Spring Yubune Ryugasaki Branch E-ticket

Natural Hot Spring Yubune Ryugasaki Branch is a super public bath-type hot spring facility with the theme of "beauty, health, and healing.
Yumaion Ryugasaki Branch is equipped with seven types of baths and saunas, including the region's first natural hot spring, a highly concentrated hot spring carbonated spring, and a reclining bath. This plan includes access to the rest area, where you can relax on a recliner with a TV or in the comic corner.

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Ibaraki Ajigaura Onsen Nozomi E-ticket

Ajigaura Onsen Nozomi is a bathing facility located in Hitachinaka City, Ibaraki Prefecture.
It is said to be effective in improving "sensitivity to cold," improving health, and relieving fatigue.
The hot spring water is highly concentrated, with more than 26 times the standard value, making it easy for the ingredients to permeate the body, and the effects can be expected even after only a short time in the bath.

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Ibaraki Shirosato-cho HororunoYu E-ticket 【Sat. Sun and Public Holiday】

The spring water at HororunoYu is a simple alkaline spring that is gentle to the body. The bathhouse is equipped with a large bath, an open-air bath, a medicated bath, and a bathroom for the handicapped.

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Ibaraki Beerspark Shimotsumo E-ticket

This facility is located in a natural forest on the banks of the Kinugawa River in the suburbs of Shimotsuma City.
It is equipped with a microbrewery, hot spring facilities, and a hotel.
Why not refresh your body and soul in Shimotsuma, a place rich in water and greenery?

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Tsukuba Science Tour

Tsukuba is a science city with research and educational institutions in various fields ranging from space to the global environment. It’s also a hub for cutting-edge technology. This original science tour offers the option to select your preferred facility among 40 research institutions. It also allows visitors to tour and experience the results of research firsthand.

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