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History & tradition in Ibaraki

The land has thrived from long ago, especially in the Edo Period (from 1603 to 1868), when it was ruled by the Tokugawa clan. Ibaraki boasts a rich tradition of samurai culture, along with local handcrafts such as pottery, textiles, and lanterns.


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Private Adventure Tour in Northern Ibaraki and Washi Paper Making

Northern part of Ibaraki Prefecture is a place where visitors can enjoy rich nature. In this tour, a private vehicle will be used for transportation. A sacred mountain will be visited to hike for 2 hours, a “Taki-gyo”, or meditation under a waterfall can be experienced, and you will also have a chance to make your own washi paper.

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Samurai Private Tour with Lantern Making in Mito

Mito is a must-go place for Samurai funs. In this tour, you will visit Japan’s largest clan school where samurai studied, experience authentic martial arts (Kendo) with the masters and stroll in the garden to relax just like the samurai. You will make your own suifu chochin or lantern, which started as a part-time job for lower class samurais.

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Sake Pairing Experience at Japan’s Oldest Sake Brewery Sudo Honke

Join us at Sudo Honke, Japan's oldest sake brewery, for a truly authentic sake-pairing experience. An internationally recognized sake expert will guide you through a selection of our finest brews, expertly paired with a variety of traditional Japanese dishes. Don't miss this opportunity to discover the depth and diversity of Japan's national drink and Ibaraki's local offerings. Kanpai!

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Lacquerware Workshop and Gallery Insiders Tour in Daigo Town

Tour the workshop and gallery of a Japanese lacquerware artisan in Daigo Town, Ibaraki Prefecture — the second-largest producer of lacquer in Japan (2021). Learn about the tradition, the process, and maybe have a hands-on experience yourself. Then experience the quality of the finished product, by enjoying sake or soup from a piece of lacquerware out of the artisan’s own gallery. Visit in October or November to harvest the raw lacquer yourself!

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Japanese Traditional Mounted Archery Yabusame

Yabusame, one of the most divine martial arts in Japan, consists of shooting arrows at different targets while riding a running horse. It is a traditional ritual designed to please the gods of fertility, and it has been handed down as a cultural tradition for about one thousand years.

Learn Yabusame in this activity held in Ibaraki, about 2 hours from downtown Tokyo and great for a day trip!

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Pottery experience at Craft Hills Kasama and art journey in the Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum

Why don't you enjoy making your own pottery in Kasama, which has a 250-year history of pottery production?
You can see and purchase the works of popular potters around Kasama, and enjoy coffee and sweets with Kasama ware.
At the Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum, which is adjacent to the pottery workshop, there is an exhibition of the works of famous ceramic artists from Ibaraki Prefecture, Yasunari Matsui (living national treasure) and Hazan Itaya (awarded the Order of Cultural Merit).
Let’s get in touch with Japanese culture through experiencing pottery and viewing museum exhibits with an experienced guide!

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Mito Walking Tour – Birthplace of Japan’s longest-running and best-hit Samurai Drama on TV

Most people think of Mito Komon, the longest-running TV series airing for 42 years in Japan, when they hear the name “Mito,” the capital of Ibaraki. On this tour, a local guide will introduce you to historical places connected to the historical personality Tokugawa Mitsukuni, also known as Mito Komon, and the mindset he upheld.

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Enjoy a Walk Wearing a Kimono in Kasama

Experience sightseeing through streets filled with history in a kimono. Why not rent a stylish kimono on a stroll through the streets of Ibaraki? This will make a fantastic memory of your time in Japan. Rentals are available at reasonable prices, with experienced staff offering their assistance.

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Pottery Lesson

Fukuda Kiln is a pottery studio that makes Kasama ware, a craft boasting over 200 years of history. This is Japan’s oldest pottery studio; it has been offering pottery lessons to visitors since 1963. Here, you can try your hand at shaping a piece of pottery, glazing, and using an electric pottery wheel. It’s also worth seeing their collection of over 600 wares and ceramics from 56 countries worldwide.

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Lantern-Making Workshop

Established in the Edo Period, this shop sells and manufactures Suifu lanterns, a traditional industry in Mito. Enroll in an authentic lantern-making experience available by reservation only. Create a lantern by selecting your favorite washi paper printed with traditional Japanese designs. Alternatively, you can paste plain washi paper onto the lantern to draw your favorite patterns and letterings at home.

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