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Northern Ibaraki

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Oyaki is a steamed bun made from buckwheat flour and stuffed with seasonal fillings. This snack is thought to have been a way to preserve fresh produce longer and remain popular today.
In the northern Ibaraki area, oyaki were traditionally made by baking the buns in a sunken hearth. Nowadays, Japanese homes don't have hearths, so oyaki are usually steamed or baked in the oven. In addition to traditional combinations of seasonal vegetables, modern oyaki are often stuffed with fruit or sweet red bean paste!
If you'd like to make your own oyaki, head to Daigo Oyaki Cooking School in Daigo! Housed in an old school building from the Meiji Era, it is the perfect setting to try your hand at this traditional Japanese dish. The school also has a shop and restaurant.


2469 Magi-no-chi, Daigo Town
By public transport: 20-minute bus ride from Hitachi-Daigo Station on the JR Suigun Line. Take a bus bound for Nishino-sawa and get off at Chise Bus Stop. Buses operate on weekdays only.
Business Hours
Business Hours
Souvenir Shop: 9:00-17:00
Oyaki Cooking Lessons: 9:30 -15:00
Closed Wednesdays


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