Oarai Museum of Bakumatsu-Meiji History

Central Ibaraki

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This museum was established in 1929 by Mitsuaki Tanaka, a samurai during the late Edo Period who became a Cabinet Minister in the Imperial Household Agency.
The museum houses a range of exhibits related to key political figures active in the late Edo Period and early Meiji Period, including personal letters and clothing. The former Emperor and Empress of Japan have even visited the facility.
The museum is located on sprawling grounds filled with pine and cherry trees. Moreover, it is either a short drive or a leisurely walk from the Oarai coast.


8231-4 Isohamacho, Oarai Town
By public transport: 25-minute walk, 5-minute taxi ride, or 6-minute ride by community bus (Kaiyu Bus) from Oarai Station on the Oarai-Kashima Line. Alternatively, it's a 35-minute bus ride from JR Mito Station. Take a bus bound for Aquaworld Aquarium and get off at "Bakumatsu to Meiji no Hakubutsukan." It's also a 5-minute taxi ride from Oarai Station along the Kashima Rinkai Tetsudo and Oarai-Kashima Line.
By car: 10-minute drive from Mito-Oarai IC on the Higashi-Mito Toll Road/Kita-Kanto Expressway
Business Hours
Business Hours
9:00-16:00 (last admission 30 minutes before closing)
Wednesdays (open Wednesday and closed Thursday if a national holiday falls on Wednesday)
Closed over the New Year's Holiday
Open daily between April 29 to May 5 and from the first national holiday in July to August 31.
TEL: 029-267-2276
50 parking spots (3 large vehicle parking spots)
Adults: 700 yen
High school and junior high school students: 300 yen
Elementary school students: 150 yen


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