Ajigaura Onsen Nozomi

Central Ibaraki


The hot springs at Ajigaura Onsen Nozomi use a private source unearthed from 1,504 meters underground. The spring contains ancient seawater that has aged and become highly concentrated over several thousands of years, a rare and precious commodity among other springs in Japan. Japan has an abundance of sodium chloride springs, but many are low in concentration. In this hot spring the concentration of minerals are over 26 times the approved standard for hot springs! Onsen Nozomi is great for external injuries, skin diseases, and eczema due to having a sterilizing effect on the body. The water also warms up the body, making it popular with customers for relieving neuralgia and joint pain. However, please remember to stay hydrated!

There are various types of baths, including indoor baths and stone baths, a Hinoki cypress bath, a scented bath, and a cave-enclosed bath in the open-air bath space. You can enjoy the ocean view thanks to the hot spring being right by Ajigaura Beach! Ajigaura Onsen Nozomi also offers private rooms with hot spring baths, relaxation rooms, and a restaurant where they pride themselves in their delicious fresh seafood and tempura. E-tickets are also available for use.


Ibaraki, Hitachinaka, Ajigauracho 3290
Public Transportation: 3 minutes on foot from Ajigaura Station
Car: 3 minutes from the Hitachi Seaside Park IC via the Hitachinaka Toll Road
Business Hours
10:00 - 21:00
Closed: Every 3rd Thursday. Open all of July and August.
Standard-sized cars: 200
Microbuses: 5
Large buses: 5


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