Yamabiko Restaurant

Eastern Ibaraki

Japanese Food

Located in central Kashima City, Yamabiko Restaurant serves wagyu steak made from Hitachi Beef, steak rice bowls, and pork steaks using locally produced meat and vegetables. The restaurant has been serving delicious steaks in its homey location for over 35 years. Piano concerts are also held here, and there are lovely plum trees on site, which bloom in the early spring.
Ibaraki Prefectural Government recognizes Yamabiko as using locally produced agricultural products and seafood.


5-10-14 Miyanaka, Kashima City
By public transport: 15-minute walk from Kashima-jingu Station or 5-minute walk from Kashima Grand Shrine
Business Hours
Business Hours
Closed Tuesdays
TEL: 029-983-1221


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