Satoyama Retreat Hibiki

Northern Ibaraki


his is a farm stay in satoyama (traditional Japanese rural landscape), with the main house being a 300-year-old traditional farmhouse. Operated by a couple who started farming with the concept of permaculture after moving from the city in 2006, this farm stay offers guests an opportunity to experience a serene life in the Japanese countryside, away from daily routines.
Guests can either cook for themselves or cook together with the owner of the farm. The ingredients mainly consist of locally harvested, pesticide-free vegetables, herbs, and free-range chicken eggs. Since there are unique items specific to the local area, the cooking and dining experience becomes valuable and unique.
Apart from cooking, guests can also participate in activities like rice planting, foraging for wild vegetables, making yuzu jam and mochi rice cakes, and drying persimmons. If you're interested in handicrafts, workshops such as straw crafts are also available. Please note that specific experiences may not be available depending on the season.
The accommodation has a bath on-site and a natural hot spring just a 5-minute drive away, providing a relaxing experience. Furthermore, the farm has adorable goats, chicks, and cats! Your stay is sure to be delightful!


1215 Kosugecho, Hitachiota City
Pick-up from the nearest station may be possible. Please contact the guest house for details.


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