Isoyamatei Guesthouse

Eastern Ibaraki


Private Baths/Showers


Isoyamatei Guesthouse is a seven-minute walk from Itako Iris Gardens and JR Itako Station and 70 minutes by highway bus from Tokyo Station. The entire property is rented out during the stay, which means there's no sharing with other guests.
Originally built 120 years ago and renovated into a guesthouse, the house belonged to a family in the Suigo Itako area. It is the perfect place to experience how a well-off Japanese family would have lived. Lattice windows, paper lanterns, and classic furniture lend the premise a historic atmosphere. The house is fully equipped with a fridge and kitchen, so you can make the most of local ingredients sold nearby.
When the property is functioning as a guesthouse, it operates as a cafe serving matcha and traditional Japanese sweets.


595 Itako, Itako City, Ibaraki
Pick up available from Suigo Itako Bus Terminal (advanced reservation required)
By train: 7-minute walk from Itako Station
TEL: 029-994-2800



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