Photo Library Terms of Service

The Ibaraki Prefectural Government authorizes the download of photo content provided by the Photo Library on the condition that the user complies with these Terms of Use.

1. Image Data Purpose of Use

The image data in this Photo Library may be downloaded for free to promote tourism in Ibaraki. The prefectural government does not authorize use that is deemed inappropriate or violates the prohibited items detailed in Item 4.

2. Regarding Copyrights

Photo copyrights belong to the prefectural government or the organization that provided the photo. Actions that infringe on these copyrights are strictly prohibited. Furthermore, we do not hold portrait rights and other such rights of those captured in the photo data. The user shall negotiate consent regarding these rights if necessary. If a dispute arises between a third party regarding these rights, the user is responsible for resolving the dispute. The prefectural government shall assume no liability.

3. Before Use

By downloading the image data, you have consented to these Terms of Service.

4. Prohibited Items

The following actions are prohibited based on the photo data contained in this Photo Library. In the event these provisions are violated, or the data is used differently from the operational purposes of this Photo Library, the prefectural government reserves the right to suspend use and require the collection and destruction of the data on the user.

  1. The production or sale of any product whose marketability relies on the image content itself (ex: postcards, calendars, and digital data collections made to sell)
  2. The use of data for rental purposes
  3. Any action that is fraudulent or misleading, damages the reputation of the prefecture and/or subject, or disrupts public order when using the image data in this Photo Library.
  4. The copy and pasting of direct links to photos in this Photo Library
  5. Any image processing apart from resizing that includes composite images, modifications, or color conversion
  6. The use or registration of the image as a trademark
  7. The use of data for commercial purposes

*Please contact us individually if you wish to use our content for commercial purposes.
Ibaraki Prefectural Government Department of Business Strategy, International Tourism Division
310-8555 Ibaraki Prefecture, Mito City, Kasaharacho 978-6

5. Disclaimer

The prefectural government and organization providing said image hold no liability whatsoever for any losses or damages incurred by the use of the image data contained in this Photo Library.