Yoshida Lotus Root Farm

Southern Ibaraki

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Ibaraki Prefecture is the top lotus root producer in Japan, with the vegetable growing especially well around Lake Kasumigaura. Yoshida Lotus Root Farm not only cultivates the root vegetable but also produces lotus leaf tea and lotus root products. They aim to grow lotus roots in a way that is great for the environment and your body while avoiding using pesticides as much as possible. Lotus roots―eaten boiled, stir-fried, and even raw―are highly nutritious in vitamin C, tannins, potassium, and dietary fibers and offer many health benefits. Lotus leaf tea is also effective for swelling and constipation, expelling toxins from your body, and is great for beautifying the skin.

At Yoshida Lotus Root Farm, you can visit the lotus fields and purchase lotus root products as souvenirs. Lotus root must be eaten fresh, so advance reservations are required if you wish to buy any produce.
Due to being near Ring Ring Road, it's a recommended place to stop by while cycling.


1071 Tamuramachi, Tsuchiura, Ibaraki
By public transport: 15 minutes by taxi from Tsuchiura Station
By car: 15 minutes from the Tsuchiura-Kita IC on the Joban Expressway
Business Hours
Closed: Saturdays
Standard-sized cars: 5
Microbuses: Not allowed
Large buses: Not allowed


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