Hoshino Resorts BEB5 Tsuchiura

Southern Ibaraki


Private Baths/Showers


Credit Card Payment Available

Hoshino Resort BEB5 Tsuchiura has its entrance on the same floor as the Tsuchiura Station ticket gates.

Certified as a "cyclist-friendly hotel," it offers rooms allowing guests to bring bicycles and some rooms even equipped with dedicated racks. The corridors are also wide enough to easily move bicycles around.

The hotel is also equipped with special hangers and other tools, laundry nets, shoe dryers, and maintenance space. Bicycle rental is also available.
In addition to providing cycling information and services, BEB5 Tsuchiura also offers activities that allow guests to enjoy the attractions of Ibaraki by bicycle.

The lounge has a relaxed atmosphere with a bar counter where alcohol and drinks such as whole melon cream soda are served.
There are also board games and interesting events such as a smoothie-making experience using a bicycle with a blender.


PLAYatré TSUCHIURA 3F, 1-30 Ariakecho, Tsuchiura
By public transport:
Tsuchiura Station
By car:
20 minutes from the Sakura-Tsuchiura IC on the Joban Expressway
20 minutes from the Tsuchiura-Kita IC on the Joban Expressway
050-3134-8094 (9:30〜18:00)
Please park at the affiliate parking lot.


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