Forest Retreat Guesthouse

Central Ibaraki


Onsen/Public Bath

The historical city of Kasama is known for Kasama Inari Shrine, one of Japan's three greatest Inari Shrines. Likewise, it is a flourishing pottery center specializing in Kasama-ware.
During the summer, the town is abuzz with local festivals and the sounds of Euterpnosia chibensis, an endangered cicada species designated as a natural heritage. Forest Retreat Guesthouse is a seven-minute drive from central Kasama. The guesthouse's hilltop location and forest surroundings make it ideal for anyone looking to relax and unwind.
From spring to summer, you can hear soothing songs of the Japanese nightingale. On summer days, listen to the crying cicadas at dawn and dusk. Autumn welcomes foliage, while winter is when snow-covered hilltops fill the view. In other words, Forest Retreat is the perfect place to experience the seasonal beauty of the Japanese countryside.


416-21 Minamiyoshihara, Kasama City, Ibaraki
Kasama Station (3km), Tomobe Station (6km)
TEL: 029-672-9245



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