Kuroawa Einojo Homestay

Central Ibaraki


Onsen/Public Bath

Get together for a meal around the irori (traditional sunken fireplace), at this guesthouse housed in a old-Japanese style home.
The guesthouse also offers guests the chance to experience the Japanese countryside life - pick your own farm-fresh vegetables and cook a meal together, then tuck in to some freshly baked scones with homemade jam. The propery even has an area for al-fresco dining.
*Food options vary by season and weather.
The property features two Japanese-style bedrooms, a 5-person room and a 4-person room. These rooms offer guests the chance to lay out their futon bed on the tatatmi mats before bed - the perfect memory of a trip to Japan. During the Summer months (June - September), there is also space for 4 people to camp below the stars by setting up mosquito nets and camping in the second floor of the barn.
It is possible to stay at the property outside of the Summer months - please get in touch.


1633-1 Ikenobe, Kasama City
Pick up from nearby stations available (Tomobe Station, Kasama Station.
To discuss pick up from Ibaraki Airport or Narita Airport, please get in touch.
TEL: 070-3964-0735

MAIL: shiba0027@gmail.com


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