Auberge de Y

Central Ibaraki


Located in Kasama City, Auberge de Y provides guests with a relaxing stay while surrounded by nature in the mountain village. Upon first sight, you will see a large, well-maintained, elegant garden, divided into two parts: a Japanese garden and a Western-style garden.
The second floor of the storehouse was renovated into the signature restaurant. You can enjoy Japanese and Italian food made with homegrown vegetables while admiring the elegant gardens.
You can enjoy the serenity here or participate in various workshops for a fee. The experiences offered include seasonal vegetable harvesting, cooking classes, barbecuing, quilting, and pottery making.
*Only women and their families are allowed to stay at the hotel. Please make a reservation in advance for the workshops.


707-1 Minamiyoshihara, Kasama City, Ibaraki
The nearest station: Kasama Station is a five-minute drive or Tomobe Station is ten minutes by car.


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