Crafthills Kasama

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Kasama City is famous for its thriving pottery tradition throughout Japan. Crafthills Kasama is the ideal place to learn more about the city's pottery, see works by famed local potters, shop for souvenirs, and even try making your own Kasama-style pottery!
The facility is set in an expansive park and houses galleries exhibiting works by well-known local artists. There's also a cafe, coffee shop, souvenir shop, and pottery studios.
The Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum is located next door to Crafthills Kasama. Likewise, the surrounding park contains several unique and playful outdoor sculptures.
The cafe, hands-on pottery experiences, and affordable souvenirs make Crafthills Kasama an accessible introduction to the world of Japanese pottery. It has plenty of attractions to offer families, casual visitors, and pottery enthusiasts.


2388-1 Kasama, Kasama City
Business Hours
Business Hours
Closed Mondays (open Monday and closed Tuesday if a national holiday falls on Monday)
TEL: 0296-70-1313


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