2023.12.13Make Original Labels for Japanese Sake with Aiyu Shuzo! Ibaraki DC

How about making a label with an original design for a bottle of renowned sake produced by a long-established brewery in Ibaraki Prefecture? This is a unique experience and can also be a one-of-a-kind gift!


Founded in 1804, Aiyu Shuzo (Aiyu Sake Brewery) is located in Itako city, known for its beautiful iris festival Ayame Matsuri held in early summer. This sake brewery, led by a master in the 8th generation, is highly acclaimed for its sake, both in Japan and abroad.

It also supplies ceremonial sake to Kashima Jingu Grand Shrine, one of Japan’s three major grand shrines deeply connected to the Imperial Family.

Aiyu Shuzo offers a unique workshop ー “Convey Your Feelings through Making an Original Label”. To create a label with an individual design, participants can use various stamps with images and phrases, pens, and colored pencils. Personal drawing supplies can also be used. The completed label is then affixed to the national award-winning “Aiyu Junmaishu” ー and a unique bottle of Japanese sake is born!

The label-making workshop takes about 20 minutes, and in addition, participants can also enjoy a free tour of the brewery afterward! There is also a shop where you can taste Aiyu Shuzo’s sake.

The workshop takes place in the detached brewery’s workshop space, accommodating up to 10 regular participants, but larger groups can be accommodated as well upon consultation during the reservation.


Every day, at 10:00 and 14:00

About workshop

*Reservations are required in advance via phone.The workshop and brewery tours are conducted in Japanese.