2023.12.04Moonlight Rose Garden 2023 at Ibaraki Flower Park! Ibaraki DC

Ibaraki Flower Park, located in Ishioka city, is hosting the seasonal event “Moonlight Rose Garden 2023” this autumn and winter!

Renovated in 2021 under the theme of “Feel with All Five Senses”, Ibaraki Flower Park boasts approximately 900 types of roses, as well as a variety of other flowers – camellias, cherry blossoms, hydrangeas, dahlias, and more – that bloom seasonally. This expansive 30-hectare park not only allows visitors to enjoy the changing colors of nature throughout the seasons but also offers a variety of activities and events that bring them closer to flowers and nature, making it a year-round destination! There is a restaurant, a cafe, a shop, and a glamping facility as well.

The Moonlight Rose Garden 2023 is held from October 2023 to January 14, 2024. In addition to limited-time workshops and events, park hours will be extended and visitors can enjoy nighttime illumination.

During the event, the illumination decorations change according to the dates. The “Flower Illuminate” takes place from early October to the end of November when the autumn roses and marigolds are in bloom. This is followed by the “Christmas Illuminate” in December and then the “New Year Illuminate” in January.

Countless champagne-gold lights gently illuminate the park’s flower fields and trees. At the “Stardust Arch” (Hoshikuzu Arch), visitors can observe a one-minute illumination show synchronized with music by pressing a button. A sparkling swing is also suspended from a giant tree that seems to fly up to the starry sky!

In addition, finding at least three stamps of six located within the park allows visitors to use a QR code on the “Connected with Light Deck” (Hikari to Tsunagaru Deck) to cause a light show on the vast flower terrace. It feels like you control the park! (The friendly park staff will be glad to help you with the details of this activity).

Various events are organized during the “Christmas Illuminate” period, including live performances, Christmas markets, and the Marche. In addition to the limited-time menus inside eateries, “kitchen cars” (food trucks) will be available in the outdoor restaurant area. Visitors can purchase local brand bacon skewers, marshmallows, and other food to roast over a bonfire in the nearby restaurant.


Don’t miss out on a diversity of workshops! Along with the regular hands-on activities, limited-time workshops, such as using dried flowers to make Christmas wreaths, original New Year decorations, and bottle lanterns, are available. Taking a leisurely stroll through the park with a delightful lighted bottle lantern can be a wonderful way to add to the festive spirit of Christmas.

Following the “Christmas Illuminate” of Moonlight Rose Garden 2023, new content will be introduced for the “New Year Illuminate.” Check the website for more information on the many events and experiences currently being held and those to follow!

Dates and links

Business hours

Weekdays: 12:00 ー 20:30 (last admission at 20:00)

Weekends and holidays: 9:00 ー 20:30 (last admission at 20:00)

Closed: Tuesdays

“Christmas Illuminate”

December 1 (Fri.) ー January 1 (Mon.)

Holidays: December 31 ー January 1

“New Year Illuminate”

January 2 (Tue.) ー January 14 (Sun.)