2023.11.14New Special Plans, Pre-opening Visit to The Hirosawa City, Stay at the Express Train, Helicopter Ride, and More! Ibaraki DC

The Ibaraki Destination Campaign has collaborated with The Hirosawa City to offer four unique plans for tourists. The plans include visiting the Hirosawa Art Museum, a tour of the Yume-no-Ba, a vast transportation theme park, and an overnight stay on the express train. Depending on the plan, visitors can also enjoy a helicopter ride, visit Ibaraki Flower Park, participate in a tea ceremony in a temple, and much more!

The Hirosawa City is a sprawling 1 million square meter theme park with various zones and facilities. These include the Hirosawa Art Museum, designed by the famous Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, the “Art Forest” art zone, a golf course, flower gardens, and orchards where visitors can pick fruits and vegetables. Apart from these, there are numerous other attractions.

The new attraction here is a transportation theme park area called “Yume-no-Ba.” It is scheduled to open in 2024, but a limited preview will be exclusive to Ibaraki, DC, from October to December. This offers a valuable opportunity for tours in “Yume-no-Ba” and accommodations within the theme park!


Yume-no-Ba (“The Place of Dreams”) has numerous diverse exhibits related to vehicles.

The expansive Aviation Museum features a variety of aircraft, including Japan’s first mass-produced passenger plane, the YS11, the helicopter Sikorsky S-58 used in the 1950s and 60s for Antarctic expeditions, and the human-powered aircraft Stoke B, which set a world record in 1977 by flying approximately 2,094 meters, marking the longest human-powered flight at that time.

The Classic Car Museum areas exhibit 32 cars, mostly from the 1970s, as well as older rarities including the actual Mercedes Benz used by Yoshida Shigeru, one of Japan’s longest-serving prime ministers who led during the 1950s and `60s.

The Classic Bike Museum is home to more than 30 bikes, the oldest of which is a Ducati from 1944.

The fire engine exhibit includes 26 cars and equipment from different times, with the oldest vehicle, a horse-drawn steam pump from 1860!


But the main highlight of Yume-no-Ba is the open-air exhibition of 12 train carriages, including Shinkansen E-224, steam locomotive D-51, and Hokutosei Sleeper Express that operated through the undersea Seikan Tunnel connecting Honshu and Hokkaido. All these trains are accessible, and visitors can spend a night in the Hokutosei!


The number of tours is limited! Check the dates on the official Ibaraki Destination Campaign site; the links are below.

About Tours

Two-day, one-night plan

Enjoy the guided tour of Yume-no-Ba, visit The Hirosawa Art Museum, and stay in the Hokutosei sleeper carriage, with a special dinner and breakfast served in the train`s dining car.

Two-day, one-night plan with tea ceremony

In addition to the first plan, this plan includes a tea ceremony experience and a stroll in Saishoji Temple, surrounded by vibrant autumn foliage.

One-day plan with a helicopter ride

From Tokyo, observe Ibaraki attractions from the sky, including the Hitachi Seaside Park, Tsukuba Mountain, Ushiku Daibutsu (the Great Buddha), and other places. Have a lunch and bouquet-making experience in Ibaraki Flower Park, and visit The Hirosawa City. The special feature is an exclusive opportunity to see the “Golden tea set” purchased for 300 million yen and said to be related to Toyotomi Hideyoshi (one of the unifiers of Japan back in the 16 century)!

One-day plan

Enjoy a visit to Yume-no-Ba and Hirosawa Art Museum.


*All the facilities, including the tour of Yume-no-Ba, provide Japanese-language guidance, so an interpreter service is recommended if you do not speak Japanese.