2023.10.25“Take Me Higher” in Koga, the Sky-Loving City! Hot Air Balloon Experience, Ibaraki DC

Enjoy the tourist attractions of Koga City and experience a hot air balloon adventure on this 2-day tour!

Koga City, located in Ibaraki prefecture, is rich in history. It was mentioned in the Manyoshu, the oldest collection of Japanese poetry (759). During the Edo period (1603-1868), Koga was an important castle town on the Nikko Kaido Road, one of the five major routes of samurai times.

Today, this historic city is also one of the few places in Japan where a hot air balloon experience is available!

This tour includes a stroll through the quiet streets of the city, an afternoon tea at the Italian restaurant “Karakusa” in the Koga Literature Museum filled with the nostalgic atmosphere of the early 20th century, and a stay at the long-established hotel “Sansui.” The highlight of the tour is an early morning hot air balloon flight experience of approximately one hour!

Don’t miss this opportunity – this tour will only be held three times during the Ibaraki Destination Campaign! A special evening event – a balloon glow – will be held on December 9!


“Take Me Higher” in Koga, the Sky-Loving City!

  • October 21-22 (Saturday-Sunday). Reservations closed
  • November 18-19 (Saturday-Sunday). Reservations closes 10 days prior the tour.
  • December 9-10 (Saturday-Sunday) Newly added! Reservations start from the beginning of November

Balloon Glow

  • December 9. Reservations are not required!

About the Tour and Event

* Changes may be made to the tour and event. For updated information, please refer to the FB page provided above for details. Reservations are required by phone.