2023.02.13Hina Matsuri Festival in Kasama, the city of pottery! (かさまの陶雛~桃宴)

Another place to stroll in the run-up to Girls` Day (March 3) is the city of pottery, Kasama. Here, the local Hina Matsuri Festival is held in a way unique to the place. Compared to traditionally-made hina dolls, the ones exhibited in Kasama during the festival are ceramic!

Usually, different parts of the hina dolls are made of wood and a mixture of wood powder and glue, or gypsum. When a figure is ready, it is dressed up in exquisite traditional attire. But sometimes, dolls can be found made from unusual materials; for example, ceramics or even glass.

Such curiosities are displayed in Kasama, a well-known city of pottery artisans. For its unique, long ceramic history, Kasama has been designated as Japan Heritage, along with its sister city Mashiko in Tochigi. More than two hundred pottery craftsmen currently live here – the city is packed with ceramic galleries, shops, and studios!

In Kasama, during the Hina Matsuri Festival, artisans organize workshops on making ceramic dolls, and cafes offer a seasonal menu, while multiple galleries hold sales and exhibit a variety of ceramic dolls made by local craftsmen. 


Hina Matsuri Festival in Kasama (かさまの陶雛~桃宴)

When: 25 January 2023 (Wed)ー 3 March 2023 (Fri)
Where: Kasama, Ibaraki
Fee: No entrance fee. Ceramic hina-doll workshop in Fukuda Kiln (製陶ふくだ) is from 3000 yen, a reservation is required.

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